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Profitable business models for our clients to make it all work and scale Today, not someday in the future, pretty much everything we once considered non- waste can be collected and transformed into raw for the creation of new products. Developing complete solutions is our business model. Our solutions have been mastered profitably client after client and stream — a combination of processes, that, to our knowledge, no other firm in the US has the range of business services to offer! Present us with a challenge, and we develop the solution. We combine strategy, logistics, science and technology, promotion and custom business models that together make each of our programs a profitable and scalable platform for our clients, their customers, as well as and its shareholders;

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We intend to acquire companies with complementary business models that we believe can prosper by utilizing the range of unique resources, vast corporate relationships and public good we have in place. For the first time in years,. By investing, you will be a proud owner of a firm that’s revolutionizing. We are changing perspectives, encouraging giant corporations to profitably reimagine their supply chain and customer experience. As an intentional by-product, our clients are helping to save the environment. Invest in Aspasso to participate in a growing company, to receive an annual dividend each year we are profitable and to ensure a better develo

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Recognize texts, language and images and follow predefined rules – Automation. Increase process speed up to 80%, reduce costs by up to 50%. The robots are operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing them to process their processes overnight or on weekends. High process speed The high process speed Robots not only work flawlessly but also exceptionally fast. Their way of working enables them to process up to 80% faster than a human being. The quality of execution The robot processes your processes with an error rate of 0%. You define the processing interval. Human error sources are excluded. More quickly The fast one

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27.790,00. € Socket, C++Bill and coin counter, text, photo, motif print, Chrom, T-shirts slot-machine, A pre-order is an order of a product that has not yet appeared in the trade and is delivered on the date of publication. Pre-orders can be made by an early or punctual delivery, additional exclusive and / or limited